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These services can include maintenance, repair, overhaul, and even engineering solutions for various types of turbines used across different industries.

PT. Nuscaco Hasteloy Turbine Services also providing maintenance, repair, and support services for the auxiliary systems and components of power plants, industrial facilities.

PT. Nuscaco Hasteloy Turbine Services is providing coating services for boilers. Boilers are used in various industries to generate steam or heat water.

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With our quality workmanship and technical knowledge, we diversity services such and repair and refurbish industrial gas turbine component include of TBC (Thermal Barrier Coating), inspection and technical services. NHTS has support staff to provide engineering, drafting, quality and assurance. Thus, our objective ultimately to built and develop partnership on gas turbine services and accelerate domestic industry growth.


Our Company Capability For Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Component Recondition and Repair
Accessories and BOP (Balance of Plant)
Rotor Inspection, Repair And Overhaul
Part Manufacturing
Spare And Replacement Part
Boiler Coating
Facilities & Process Capabilities

company Facility

Machinery Equipment
  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Shaping Machine
  3. Bor and Milling Machine
  4. Horizontal Bore Machine
  5. Vertical Bore Machine
  6. Fraise Machine
  7. Shearing Machine
Thermal Spray Coating
  1. Air Plasma Spray System
  2. Twin Wire Arc Spray System
  3. HVOF
  4. Robotic Equipment
Support Equipment
  1. Sand Blasting Facility
  2. Thickness Tool
  3. Bond Meter Kit
  4. Hardness Test Tool
  5. Florescent Penetrant Test        
  6. Equipment (FPI, NDT)
  7. Oven Equip Up To 400C
  8. Crane Hoist Cap & 3 Ton and 5 Ton
Welding Equipment
  1. MIG Welding (GTAW)
  2. Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  3. TIG Welding
  4. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  5. Spot Welding
  6. Arc Spray Wire Welding
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